Find the vector x that satisfies9(vector u)-( vector v)+(vector x) = 10(vector x)+(vector w)

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sciencesolve eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since the problem does not provides informations about the vectors `bar u, bar w` aand `bar w` , you need to write the vector `bar x` in terms of the vectors `bar u, bar v, bar w` , such that:

`9 bar u - bar v + bar x = 10 bar x + bar ` w

You need to isolate all the terms that contain `bar x` to one side, such that:

`9 bar u - bar v - bar w = 10 bar x - bar x`

`9 bar u - bar v - bar w = 9 bar x`

You need to divide both sides by 9 such that:

`bar x = bar u - (bar v)/9 - (bar w)/9`

Hence, evaluating the vector bar x, under the given conditions, yields `bar x = bar u - (bar v)/9 - (bar w)/9.`