What does each quotation tell us about the character's personality?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the question needs more specificity.  There is much lacking here.  Essentially, from what I gather, you will need to find examples of Eliezer experiencing his narrative in different forms.  This will involve using his own thoughts, perhaps some of the narration, as well as spoken words to other characters that will help develop a full and fleshed out picture of how Eliezer perceives his reality.

I think that one of the best approaches to take with this particular task is to identify specific moments in his narrative.  Using Eliezer's language and his perceptions in these moments, it might be possible to identify elements where his entire sense of characterization can be recognized.  For example, noting what Eliezer says or experiences when he notes the moments with Moshe the Beadle or Madame Schachter could yield some very revealing moments before his time in the camps.  Certainly, the poem that appears in the third section of "Never Shall I Forget" could be significant in trying to develop out his character.  Eliezer's impressions of Akiba Drumer, his relationship with his father, the little boy who was hung, as well as how he evolves into this being where survival is the only thing that matters could all be specific instances where quotations can present themselves in an abundant manner.

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