Find an event or news anywhere around the world or a quote that relates to the idea the society's pressure determines a persons reality and why?

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Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator
One example of this is the 1990's cult of Jim Jones. Jones targeted isolated and lonely people who felt alienated from society already. Most of his followers were also poor. Thus, they were economically marginalized as well. Finally, most of his followers were religious, but had come to look upon their mainstream Protestant faiths with a dubious eye. When Jones founded Jonestown in Guyana as a "socialist paradise" he further isolated his most devout followers. As a result of social pressure facilitated by social isolation, followers' personalities changed. They became socially unstable and even more vulnerable. They became willing to kill themselves and their children these radical changes in their personalities and values are a direct result of the social pressure they experienced as a member of Jonestown?