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Find an advertisement campaign from a culture that you are unfamiliar with, and explain one motivation the campaign demonstrates.

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Your first task in completing this assignment is to find an advertisement for a culture that you aren't familiar with. You might begin with a Google search for something like “Japanese advertisement” or “Russian advertisement” if you are more or less unfamiliar with those cultures. You will come up with some YouTube videos of various commercials from these cultures that will likely suit your purpose quite well.

You might also do a Google search for “culture and advertising.” In this case, one of your search results will point to an advertising campaign for Procter & Gamble's Head & Shoulders shampoo in Israel. This campaign takes a humorous look at the Jewish Passover, encouraging consumers to get rid of dandruff just like they clear their homes of every bit of leavened bread before Passover. This campaign shows an understanding of Israeli culture and creates humor as well.

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