Find all real zeros of the function. f(x)=4x^4-8x^3-19x^2+23x-6

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rcmath eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We are going to factor the polynomial.

I am going to use long division to do that. Let's try to divide by x+2


x+2   `4x^4-8x^3-19x^2+23x-6`







In a similar manner we can try to divide our quotient by let's say x-3

So I obtain `(x+2)(x-3)(4x^2-4x+1)=(x+2)(x-3)(2x-1)^2`

To obtain the zeros we set our function to equal zero, thus

either x+2=0, x-3=0, or 2x-1=0.

Hence the zeros are x=-2, x=3, or x=1/2





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