Find a quote from Out of My Mind to support this statement: Melody is funny.

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As Melody never tires of pointing out, her condition—spastic bilateral quadriplegia—may limit her body but not her mind. Despite what ignorant people may think about her, Melody is exceptionally smart, funny, and sassy, and her humorous personality comes through in a number of wonderful quotations in this inspiring book. One that I particularly like is:

The morning started out like crystal, but the day has turned to broken glass.

I'm sure we've all had days like that. But what's funny here is the mordant wit and humor with which Melody describes a really lousy day. She's also very creative in the words that she uses—in keeping with her passion for words and word-play. This is despite of the fact that Melody's unable to speak due to her condition and can only communicate using a computerized board on her wheelchair.

Here's another funny quotation that I like:

By the way, there is nothing cute about a pink wheelchair. Pink doesn't change a thing.

Once again, we can observe Melody's wit when it comes to her condition. She's able to laugh about things that other people might not find so amusing. Too many people see her as some kind of victim or as a charity case, but Melody's nothing of the kind. She's an ordinary eleven-year-old girl with the usual emotions of someone her age; it's just that she happens to have a disability which affects her ability to communicate with the outside world. What that disability cannot do, however, is take away Melody's sense of humor, as the above quotations (and many more just like them) amply illustrate.

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