In final scene of Antigone, what is the chorus reaction to Antigone's plight?

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The Chorus are generally quite critical of Antigone throughout the play, chiding her for being stubborn. Yet towards the end of Antigone, their focus moves towards Creon, whose own stubbornness and pride then become the object of criticism. When the blind prophet-seer Tiresias makes his last desperate plea for Creon to change his mind or face disaster, the Chorus urge Creon to take the prophet's advice and free Antigone from her prison vault and build a tomb in which to bury Polyneices's body. This may indicate a growing sympathy on the part of the Chorus towards Antigone's plight. Equally, however, it could just as easily be a recognition that Tiresias's prophecies are always accurate and that it's in everyone's best interests to do as he advises.

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