The Final Chapters - Follow this processEach member should take one of the final chapters to read. Read the chapter and then post a summary of no more than 200 words. Focus on key elements to the...

The Final Chapters - Follow this process

Each member should take one of the final chapters to read. Read the chapter and then post a summary of no more than 200 words. Focus on key elements to the plot = actions and events that affect the protagonist and antagonist.

Each member should read and respond to each posting. We will continue this format until the book is complete.

 The Topic Name of your post should be the chapter that you chose.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a very interesting process.  I think I may borrow this sometime.  By allowing students to contribute here, other students can see and benefit from the work!  It's a good idea.

shady | Student

Chapter 15 Summary Part 2-Woven and Then Spun 

Except attached to this ring was a strand of thin, indestructable, almost invisible string which led to an egg sized ball of it. Irene’s grandma then put the ball of string into her dresser and explained to Irene that if she ever gets lost and wants to come over to her, she should just follow the string attached to her new ring. Irene and her grandma then discussed her grandma’s powers, and after a while Irene fell asleep on her grandma’s lap. Sometime later Irene woke up in her chair downstairs in front of her dolls, and it was late so off to bed she went.

shady | Student

Chapter 15 Summary- Woven and Then Spun

After Irene came into the castle, she heard her grandmother’s voice coming from a room upstairs. After finding her grandmother’s room, frightened Irene entered and at first she saw a fire burning in the distance that resemble a bunch of roses. After glancing around the room once again, Irene saw her grandma sitting in a chair. She also noticed that her hair is more of a gold colour now and not silver. Her grandmother then insisted that Irene comes and sits on her lap, but Irene refused saying that she was all wet and muddy. Irene’s grandmother then persuaded her to sit down and she did. By doing so her grandmother’s dress got dirty, but to clean it off she just reached into the fire and pulled out a rose and just wiped on the mud stain left from Irene. Just like that the stain magically disappeared. Irene’s grandmother then went to her dresser and pulled out a present for Irene, it was what she was weaving all along. Irene reached her hands out and into them fell a ring.

majorr | Student

chapter13:The Cobs' Creatures

the gentlemen that was left by the king to watch over irene (the princess) saw some nasty creatures that he said looked like a dog or a wolf but the head was twice the size of the body.He shot an arrow at it and was sure that he hit it but after couldnt find the arrow or the beast.Then another man had said that he had saw the same creature exept he described it as more grotesque.They told people about there incounters but they were just laughed at.Then another night they both saw a heard of the creatures in the garden trying not to be seen the creatures vanished so quickly that they didnt even bother going after them.These creatures were in fact household animals belonging to the goblins.Then the guys that saw the creatures and watched over that part of the garden very carefully where the creatures had last been seen.


shady | Student

Chapter 12: A Short Chapter About Curdie (Summary)

Curdie has been working in the mine, trying to get closer into getting his mother that new petticoat. Curdie and his father then later decided to let Mrs.Peterson(Curdie's mom) in on the secret of the goblin's actions, since she was a sweet mother who kept your 'tongue closed'. She even made and maintained a little poor cottage on the high hill so that Curdie and his dad could escape the coldness and darkness that filled the mines. Curdie would always stay after workand work for one to two hours until where later he would follow the lode which according to Glump, would lead him into the abandoned quarters of the mine, where he would then go on information hunting quest. From making the mistake of not having an easy way back on the first time, he bought a ball of fine string which he would attach to his pickaxe. On the first couple of runs he hadn't seen or heard anything of interest, just a little of the home life of the cobs. Except on the thrid or fourth night he heard some noises which led him to the discovery of the best sappers and miners working with the goblins. Finnally he found some useful information, he then rushed back to safety so that the goblins would not be under the suspiscion that someone was spying on them and they would stop their plans. Now since he would always get back in a hurry, the rope would always be tangled, luckily his mom would untangle it for him and it would be ready for his next use.

crcowtan | Student

Chapter 22 The Old Lady and Curdie

The Grandmother is relieved to see Irene safe and gives her this advice, 'People must believe what they can, and those who believe more must not be hard upon those who believe less.' Irene tells Curdie to bow to her grandmother, but he claims that he cannot see her - just a bare room. She is heartbroken that he won't believe and he is offended and thinks she is making fun. The Grandmother claims that she did not "let" Curdie see her, because she knew he would not believe.

The Grandmother gave the ring, full with thread, back to Irene and placed her into the silver tub that was filled with stars beneath the cool water. When her bath is done, her wounds are healed and all weariness is washed from her body. The Grandmother assures Irene that she has taken care of Curdie's safety on his way home, and reassured, the Princess falls asleep.

crcowtan | Student

Assigned Chapters

You are responsible for summarizing the chapters beside your name below. To truly understand the significance of the plot in your chapters, you will have to read the chapter summaries preceding your assigned chapter. Therefore, each student must keep posting.

John 12
James 13
Caleb 14
John 15
Caleb 16
James 17
Alicia 18 and 19
Cheryl 20 and 21 and 22
Taylor 23
Sam 24
Taylor 25
Sam 26
John 27
James 28
Caleb 29
Alicia 30
Sam 31
Taylor 32

This must be done by December 18th, 2007

crcowtan | Student

Chapter 21 The Escape

The Princess stops crying, when she realizes that her grandmother would never leave her lost and must have a plan. She begins to remove the rocks, turning left and right, up and down following the thread that goes deep into the pile. She hears Curdie rhyming to keep the goblins at bay behind the rocks and realizes that he is trapped on the other side. After more clearing, Curdie is able to push the slab outward and free himself. They follow the thread and end up in the King's bedroom. Curdie gathers a torch, his pick axe and one of the Queen's granite shoes, discovering that she has "six horrible toes". When he tried to remove the other, the Queen wakes! Dashing the torch, Irene and Curdie follow the thread through a hole and out into the night. Curdie takes Irene back to the castle, but does not quite believe the story of the thread an the Great-Great Grandmother. Irene notices that the thread leads up to the GGGrand's room and she asks Curdie to come up with her.

crcowtan | Student

Chapter 20 Irene's Clue

 Irene is woken by the castle cat and dog fighting, but she thinks it is the goblin creatures. She remembers her grandmother's instructions to put her ring under her pillow, before she flees the castle in fright. The ring plays out the invisible, magical spider web and Irene follows it up the mountain and into the caverns. The thread disappears into a rock pile, but when Irene turns to leave the thread disappears so that she cannot follow it out of the goblin tunnels. She breaks down into sobs.

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