Are filmstars and cricketers given too much importance in our society?Indians breathe in every day with these areas of profession giving us a reason to exuberate, gossip, to flaunt our knowledge...

Are filmstars and cricketers given too much importance in our society?

Indians breathe in every day with these areas of profession giving us a reason to exuberate, gossip, to flaunt our knowledge and to quickly grab attention of the people we are walking along with. No doubt, Bollywood,filmstars and  cricketers are the binding factors for the people of our nation. We rejoice in a festive mood and extend our full support when our team wins,or a Bollywood blockbuster touches our hearts , but is not this binding at the cost of negligence of other important areas we should give heed to?
Looking on the other side of the picture, we leave out issues like poverty, population, unemployment, corruption and terrorism from our daily scope of discussion. . Its only when we think, discuss, spread our constructive ideas, do something productive about the important issues of reducing poverty, unemployment etc. that we can contribute in gigantic efforts required in eliminating them. It becomes an important responsibility of the youth of our nation to give due importance to obstacles in the growth of our country. At the present rate of development, the vision 2020 seems to remain just a dream than a possible accomplishment.

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marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I personally think film stars and cricketers (and other sports) stars are given too much importance in today's society.  While it is true they have a talent they use as a professional to make money, what makes them so special that they have to earn millions of dollars?  They are usually arrogant, spoiled, and somewhat dis-functional when it comes to fitting into mainstream society.  They spend exhorbitant amounts of money on frivolous things; they seldom stay married for very long; they have huge, lavish homes worth millions of dollars that few people could ever hope to afford; they are usually iinvolved in some sort of scandal somewhere.  I will admit there are a few exceptional movie stars and sports figures who contribute to charitable institutions and foundations and try to help others out with their earnings.  I actually admire them.  But, as a whole, most famous people are just that . . . famous . . . and sooner or later they are going to be too old to do what they do now. 

I think more importance should be shown to those whose lives are devoted to making a difference in the world today.  They are the ones who should be applauded and admired; they are the ones who should be making millions because they will turn right around and spend it on those less fortunate than themselves while they themselves live within their means and remain humble.  

justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Why film stars and sports stars are given attention in society is to do with the fact that there are a relatively few of them and to their fans they represent a group that has been able to succeed and rise to a level where the fans would like to be. They also have to sell themselves as aggressively as they can for financial reasons. The group of people being spoken about gets a large portion of their income from marketing products. If they aren't (in)famous, people are not looking at them and the firms that pay them in the millions to endorse their products are not getting their returns. Movie stars that aren't famous are of no use to production studios and would soon be pushed out of studios.

Not all film and sports stars get excessive attention in society. There are thousands that play and act in movies but not more than a handful of them actually go on to become famous. The attention received is also for a very small period of time and there is a constant change in those that attract the crowds.

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In America, the director Oliver Stone once stated "We worship fame" in reference to his recently made film JFK which was a very detailed examination of the events leading to and after the assassination of President Kennedy.  This film did not succeed as he had hoped because it was mainly historical, rather than entertaining.

 The ancient Roman leaders believed strongly in "bread [food] and entertainment" in order to keep the populace under control and igorant of what they were doing.  Obviously, their philosophy works.  As Jack Nicholson's Marine officer character in A Few Good Men exclaimed, "You can't handle the truth!"  Many people wish to escape from the realities that are too harsh for their weak natures. Consequently, they find themselves ironically faced with worse situations later on.  It is the story of the world, unfortunately.

M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When you think about it, at least the cricket players and the other talented sportsmen MUST have a talent that they have to perform at a 100% rate.

Along with this, they should have an appeal that will invite other companies to bestow shares upon them such as endorsements and other things. I understand that it is quite natural that an athlete (they have been doing this since Ancient times) would instill in the observant public a sense of admiration and awe. After all, how many "Boom Booms" or how many "Messis" are we likely to see in one's lifetime? Moreover,the young population that is often associated to the cricket players and other sportsmen complete the vibrant atmosphere that comes with hearing the name of the athlete. I personally think sportsmen and women are alright in my book. The Hollywood nay-doers, however, that is another story.


rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What's interesting to me is that we measure the importance of a person by their salary. Film and sports stars are highly paid because they generate tremendous revenue (or, in some cases prestige) for their employers. The market reflects, to some extent, the priorities of the public. Additionally, sports franchises can bring intangible benefits. When Manchester City won the Premier League title this season, it was the culmination of almost a billion pounds of investment in the club by its owners from Dubai. While this money undoubtedly could have been put to other uses, it brought tremendous joy to one half of Manchester. It also increased the global visibility of Man City, potentially leading to millions in endorsements, merchandising, and other revenue sources.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It may be that they are given too much importance, but it is like that in pretty much every society that has entertainment and sports industries. 

It's also hard to see who should be given more importance.  We here in the west have at least heard of people like Anna Hazare and efforts to end corruption and other ills.  We have heard of Ratan Tata and the importance of his business group.  But it is hard to single out other people who would be of interest to a large group of people.

I think it's inevitable that film stars and sportsmen will be the most prominent people in society.

literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

People tend to celebrate the things which allow them to forget their own problems. Film and sports allow an escape. People tend to watch films because they make them laugh or the problems depicted are far worse then their own (making them feel better). Sports, on the other hand, speak to the national pride and athleticism of the players. Sometimes, those who watch sports relish in their own dreams of competition.

In the end, both allow people to celebrate (life, competition, pride). The emotions felt tend to allow people to give importance to both.

stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's not just film stars and cricket players - in any society, it's the people who appear to have an existence that is more exciting, more exotic, more appealing than that of "normal" people. Whether the individuals are in government, high-level business, professional sports, or some other activity that attracts lots of attention, the participants naturally attract attention and gossip and importance.

Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Part of their mass exposure comes with job.  These people are in an industry where they are constantly performing, being evaluated, competing, and being seen by millions of people.  As post #2 pointed out, perhaps they are given too much importance, but this is partly because of the popularity of their industry.  People love entertainment. 

Wiggin42 | Student

Yes; certainly they are getting more attention. Socially it is not rare issue; it is prevailing in every culture and county. Every society undergo certain social changes periodically. Before independence our aim was to get freedom, so we relied on mostly political leaders: they got the attention and fame.  After independence we need something higher than us to aspire to, who by all means is still one of us. Every ordinary person sees the stars as themselves and takes a pride in it. Corporations take advantage of this psychology and fuel their energies into it so as to make money.