In the film, Pursuit of Happyness, discuss the theme of belonging,  Will Smith wants to belong to world of wealth and Wall Street.

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The theme of belonging presented is an interesting one.  Consider what Linda Chavez said about the film:  "...this film provides the perfect antidote to Wall Street and other Hollywood diatribes depicting the world of finance as filled with nothing but greed."  Indeed, I think there are definite desires to belong to an economically successful state of being in the world.  His internship at Dean Witter, a Wall Street caliber business, is noteworthy.  He does not apply to work at a school or at an institution that is primarily concerned with social transformation.  Instead, he is committed to a business driven end and he wishes to belong to it.  However, if one accepts the mythology of the American Dream to which the film itself strives to belong, the ultimate notion of belonging exists between Gardener and his son.  There is a hope of belonging in which father and son hope to be together despite the financial challenges and besiege them.  I think that there is a theme of emotional belonging as well as the financial or professional notion that is present in the film, provided one accepts its presence in the film.

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