In the film, Never Let Me Go, what is the purpose of colour? Is there any significance to the way each new section fades in with a different colour?

Expert Answers
appletrees eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Colour in cinema is often full of meaning and symbolism. This film is a futuristic story that is told in a fairly realistic style, but it is also layered with emotion in a way that underscores its tragedy. Colour is often a key to understanding relationships and emotions. For example, the colour pink is often indicative of romance, and light blue denotes innocence. The most obvious way to associate these colour meanings with characters is to apply them to costumes, but colour can be used in less direct ways. When a colour is used to mark transitions between scenes, there may be a commentary being offered on the movement of the story. Red denotes passion, anger, violence. Dark blue can be peaceful or authoritarian; and purple is associated variously with royalty, the occult and death. This film is not a very bright film, the colors tend to be drab but realistic; the idea behind this design element seems to be that the lives of the characters are not destined for greatness or happiness, but they're beings brought to life only to be used and discarded.