Analyze Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte as an example of the Gothic novel. Provide an example to elaborate.

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Gothic novels generally have certain characteristics that deal with the supernatural, vast and creepy settings, melodramatic characters and an elevated style of writing. What's interesting about Bronte's writing in Jane Eyre is that she tends to start most chapters with a description of the setting and/or the weather to set the mood for the chapter. These are perfect examples of elevated writing style as she describes vast mountains, valleys, and ominous weather. (See the beginning of chapter XXI for one such paragraphs that parallels nature with the existence of man.)

Another example of the Gothic writing style is found in chapter 2 where Jane is thrown into the red room and she thinks that she sees an apparition. She faints because of the experience, which is melodramatic and quite intense for her, especially at a young age.


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