Figure out Harry Potter's scar. If you aren't familiar with Harry Potter, select another character with a physical imperfection and analyze its implications for characterization.

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I would argue that Harry Potter's scar isn't so much defined in terms of being a "physical imperfection"—rather, it is important for the ways in which it serves as a connection between Harry Potter and Voldemort. Within his universe, Harry Potter is famous within the wizarding community for his role in the downfall of Voldemort and for being the only person to survive the Killing Curse. The scar is in part a symbol of this, representing his status as it relates to Voldemort.

As the books proceed, the scar's role in representing Harry's connection with Voldemort will further intensify as we find out the degree to which the two are truly linked together. The scar is more than just symbolic: it exists as a very real bridge between Harry's mind and Voldemort's. Again, the physical scarring is entirely subordinate to this connection that defines it.

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I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "figure our Harry Potter's scar", but the scar certainly plays a role in the characterization of Harry Potter.  As a child, Harry believes he received the scar in a car accident.  Eventually, he learns the truth about his parents and the origin of his scar.  Once he enters the wizarding world, everyone seems to notice his scar.  Harry tries to hide his scar and his famous identity.  He is often given far more attention than he would like.  His scar and his fame are unwanted.  The contrast between the fame and Harry's desire for a quiet life show us Harry's true nature. 

In the later novels, Harry's scar takes on a much more important role.  We begin to realize that this scar is more than a mark on the skin.  Harry is connected to the Dark Lord by his scar.  We begin to suspect that there might be a strange reason for some of the inconsistencies in Harry's character.  Eventually we find that this scar is actually part of a very magical charm called a Horcrux.  Again, we see Harry's true nature in the contrast between him and his scar.  We also see his selfless and compassionate side as he goes to sacrifice himself for his friends. Without the scar, Harry's character might have turned out differently.

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