In the novel Fifth Business what is the importance of the theme of sainthood? 

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In Fifth Business, the importance of the theme of sainthood has to do with two specific characters: Dunstable (Dunstan) Ramsay and Mary Dempster.  

Dunstable Ramsay (who is later referred to as Dunstan or Dunny) has to do with the theme of sainthood due to his study of saints. The irony is that Ramsay is not even a Roman Catholic, but his obsession with saints eventually brings him all over Europe. Ramsay's true interest in sainthood has more to do with the supernatural aspect of sainthood than the religious aspect of sainthood. Ramsay proves this when he begins to pursue magic as a career. As further proof, the reader finds Ramsay comparing the New Testament to the Arabian Nights and comparing Mary Magdalene to mythological archetypes. Dunstable...

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