Using the same noun and verb from a simple sentence, go one step further and turn it into a compound sentence.

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A simple sentence may have a compound subject or even a compound predicate. Sometimes, it might have both.

Jim ate the peanuts. Simple sentence with one subject, Jim, and a simple predicate, ate.

Jim and Janice ate the peanuts. simple sentence with a compound subject, Jim and Janice

Jim and Janice ate and burped the peanuts. simple sentence with a compound subject and predicate , ate and burped- both subjects doing both actions

To make a compound sentence, take two sentences and join them together with with a comma and an appropriate conjunction OR put a semi-colon between the two sentences.

Jim ate the peanuts, but Janice burped in sympathy for him.

Jim ate the peanuts;Janice burped in sympathy for him.

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