feudalism What societal needs and social and political trends were involved in the development of feudalism? What social problems did feudalism create, as well as solve, in western European societies?  Social Problem Created: Social Problem Solved:  

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The feudal arrangement did provide a system of security for serfs and lords. Unfortunately, it also created a strict class hierarchy. If someone was born a noble, he stayed a noble. A person born a serf stayed a serf, and there was no way to move up.

Feudalism in Europe became established as a reaction to the crumbling of the Roman Empire.  When trade flourished under the Roman Republic, most of the wealth created was by trade.  When the Republic became an Empire, trade still existed, but eventually through government restrictions and taxation, trade slowed, and finally, the Emperors, by destabilizing the currency, caused trade across the Roman world to shut down. Since wealth could no longer be created through trade, the merchant, or trading class, disappeared, and the social breakdown throughout former Roman provinces accelerated. The only source of wealth creation left was in the land, or in agriculture.   Ironically, the focus on agriculture did not increase agricultural...

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