Feudalism: societal needs and social and political trends What societal needs and social and political trends were involved in the development of feudalism? What social problems did feudalism create, as well as solve, in western European societies?  Societal Needs – Social Trends – Political Trends –  

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Feudalism caused for everyone to have an association and protected the social order. It kept everything organized and in line. The lords kept the peasants in lne, and everyone looked out for his or her own interests. It allowed the powerful to stay powerful.

Feudalism resulted from the disintegration of the Roman Empire in the West, and lasted from the Fall of Rome until the Renaissance. As the Roman aristocracy throughout the Empire abandoned the principal cities (Rome began a long period of depopulation staring around the year 500) they reestablished themselves on country estates.  As economies worsened throughout the West, to the point of almost no trade occurring, each estate began to be self-sufficient -- because trade had disappeared, the only value left was in the land. Since someone had to produce on the land, and someone had to secure the land, two offices of lord and serf were established.  The last unifying force in the West, the Roman Church, provided the the last...

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