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What are the products of these reactants in a chemical reaction: FeSO4 + AgNO3 + NaOH

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We are talking about mixing iron sulfate, silver nitrate, and sodium hydroxide in water as a solvent.  Both iron sulfate and silver nitrate will dissolve in water to their component ions.  This looks like the ionic equation below:

`Fe^(+) + SO_4^(-) + Ag^(+) + NO_3^(-) -gt p r o du c t s`

Nitrate salts are all very water soluble, so the possible product iron nitrate will not precipitate since it is water soluble.  Silver sulfate, on the other hand, is only moderately soluble in water.  So if you mix these chemicals together the solution will turn slightly cloudy as some silver sulfate will precipitate from solution as a white solid.  This is depicted in the unbalanced chemical equation below:

`Fe^(+) + SO_4^(-) + Ag^(+) + NO_3^(-) -gt AgSO_4_(s) + Fe^(+) + NO3^(-)`

The sodium hydroxide (NaOH) will dissolve in water but I do not think that it will participate in the reaction.

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