What is a feminist perspective or reading for "Look Back in Anger"?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When regarding a text from a feminist perspective one must consider the following things:

1. Does the text depict equality on the social level?

2. Is an attempt made to validate the nature of the woman, the essence of makes a woman a woman as distinguished from the nature of a man?

3. Do religious undertones, or overtones, accept women as being equal to that of men?

4. Is the woman depicted in the text seen as an equal by the other characters and the reader alike?

Any text could be looked at from a feminist perspective. What this means is the reader is looking to see if any women portrayed in the text are treated as equally as the men, their roles are just as important as a man's, and if the nature of the woman validated.

In regards to the play "Look Back in Anger", as with any text, one could find examples which would would show how the text has definable moments where sexism is rabid.

One of the most prominent depictions of the belittling of a woman happens when Jimmy tells Alison that the only way she could be a human would be to suffer. Here, Jimmy does not recognize Alison's nature of being a woman and states that she is not even a human being. Here, Jimmy has taken away Alison's identity of even being a person. Many times throughout the text, Jimmy lashes out at Alison for his inability to recognize her nature as a woman.

According to eNotes' themes section on the play, the theme of sexism is based upon the fact that Jimmy is " a misogamist and Alison a mere cipher struggling to view the world through Jimmy's eyes."