Identify a communication model, barriers to effective communication, and suggest means to over come such barriers with examples.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It seems to me that a predominant amount of communication and feedback seems to reside in the written domain.  With the presence of electronic mediums to communication, writing skills are becoming more essential in the communication process. Naturally, a barrier to this is business individuals who lack fundamental qualities of writing skills.  Businesses are having to take a more proactive stance in this realm in ensuring that staff development and training in writing is provided.  Additionally, businesses constantly stress that effective communication in writing resides in clarity of thought.  Writing in business involves speaking in specific, detailed, and technical terms.  Ambiguities in the written communication process have to be avoided.  For example, there is a significant difference in "The delivery will be there soon" when compared to "The delivery will be there next Thursday."  The latter reflects a tone of communicating in business because it speaks in specific quantification, critical for business communication.  Concise, direct, and driven by factual retelling of what can be done or what is being done are the critical elements of written business communication.

Another increasingly challenging domain in the communication of business is writing emails.  Electronic mail has become an critical component of any communication in business because of its quick time feature, and the manner in which delivery and transactions can be conducted over electronic mediums, as opposed to snail mail and face to face meetings.  However, writing emails has been an area where individuals mistake the medium in discarding traditional and formal rules of writing:

We seem to have been seduced by the ease and informality of the medium to produce messages that ignore the rules and conventions usually in place when producing hard copy. We send out messages with grammar, usage or spelling errors…. In the name of speed, we throw caution to the winds and forget sentence patterning, paragraphing, and other conventions that make messages intelligible, creating unattractive and impenetrable data dumps (Reynolds, Communication World- See link below.)

Once again, formal writing instruction is being delivered to employees in order counter this.  In addition to this, businesses constantly remind their employees that employers are able to read their emails, so nothing personal or impetuous should be composed and sent.  Rather, email is being taught as an extension of the formal letter, and still constitutes formal writing that can be deemed as property of the company.