Is the federal system the best way to govern the United States?

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There are reasons to support and to refute the claim that the federal system is the best way to govern the United States.

There are several reasons why the federal system is a good system for the United States. One reason is that it is good to have one set of policies and regulations for the entire country for certain issues. When the Articles of Confederation were in force, each state printed its own money. This eventually led to financial issues like inflation. Imagine what it would be like today if every state could print its own money. It also is better for the federal government to have the power to make treaties that impact the whole country. If a country had to negotiate a treaty with each state, it would be a very cumbersome process. Also, it wouldn’t be good if individual states could decide to go to war. When Congress issues a declaration of war, the whole country is involved.

In some cases, allowing states to make different laws about the same topic can have deadly...

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