features of romanticism in lamb's essays

sunillkollam | Student

Lamb is a subjective writer. He writes about his own personal experiences with the tinge of imagination and fancy. One of the major characterestics of romanticism is high volted imagination and an affection to nature. Consider the essay "Oxford in the Vacation" , it was a lement over his unavailability of university education. He got the job of a clerk in a business establishment ,but he had a strong dislike for things commercial. His natural bent was towards books, reading and writing and so his lack of university education was a permanent source of pain for him. This account of his visit of Oxford during a vacation is pathetic, but the underlying pathos is blended with humour.

Lamb deals in his essays memories and allows them to carry him away where ever they want to take him. Another most striking feature of him is sympathy with human nature. Most of his essays are filled with "the milk of human kindness". That one can see in the character of the gag-collector in "Christ Hospital Five and Thirty Years Ago".