What are some symbols that explain features of Jeremy Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird. Please read the paragraphs below.I have been assigned Jem Finch, and I need to use an object, a drawing, or...

What are some symbols that explain features of Jeremy Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird. Please read the paragraphs below.

I have been assigned Jem Finch, and I need to use an object, a drawing, or almost anything to symbolize features about Jem. And Than I must write a page long paper explaining what the object/color symbolizes and what it has to do with Jem or a feature about Jem

I need some ideas on what topics or objects I can use to sybolize Jem, I have thought of some like responsibility and leadership, and that is all I have thought of as of now.

Some things that I am looking for are something like a color, item, weather, any specific things that symbolize one of Jems features.


Red - symbolizies Leadership. -_- I need some help explaining why or how he symbolizes leadership.


Thank you all who attempt to help me

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bmrasmussen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are a few more suggestions that may help you:

When I think about Jem in the story, the first thing that pops into my mind is how protective he is of Scout. There are many examples of this in the book. At the beginning, Jem's excuse for not taking a dare is that he "has to think of his little sister". While an excuse, the fact that the said this demonstrates that he does think of her and the comment isn't entirely out of character. Another example is near the end of the book when he attempts to protect her while they are walking home from the pageant. Symbols that are generally used to show "protection" are things like swords or other weapons.

Another feature of Jem is "responsibility". He grows up a lot in the book. However, right from the beginning, he is given the responsibility of telling Scout what to do and making her mind. Later, he learns more about responsibility as he begins to understand why the black people in the story aren't treated fairly and what can and cannot be done about it. He also begins to understand that the "right" thing doesn't always guarantee a happy ending. A symbol for responsibility might be weights (as in, "he has lots of responsibility on his shoulders").

Finally, another feature of Jem is that he grows.  A lot.  In the story, he begins as a boy and finishes as an adolescent fast becoming a man.  He starts to make his own decisions, and sometimes even disobeys Atticus in doing so.  Scout notices that he is "changing" and doesn't have time to act like a kid anymore.  This is particularly true right after the trial.  At the end of the book, Heck indicates that he would report the death as a murder if it weren't for Boo Radley, and this indicates that Jem is not thought of as a child - he is thought of as a man capable of killing someone.  Symbols for growth include trees, leaves, seeds, etc.

missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many objects in the story represent Jem.

The watch Atticus lets Jem carry demonstrates responsibility. It is expensive and it is only carried once in a while. A watch is also a symbol of responsibility because people who notice time and try to be punctual are typically responsible.

The pants Jem finds all sewn back together futher represents him. He is the only character who is broken both emotionally and physically in this story and then restored fully. The pants had ripped, but when Jem got them back, they were sewn, however poorly. This might represent Jem's mental anguish over his mother's death and his struggle with puberty or his relationship with a lawyer father. But, each circumstance made him stronger in the long run.

Finally, I would suggest using something that represents justice. Ironically, Jem gets upset with his lawyer father sometimes, but after the jury failed to find Tom innocent after hearing all of the testimony, Jem was bothered by the outcome for a long time. He wanted to see people treated fairly. So, maybe a good item to represent this would be the scales of justice.

Good luck!

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