Fe(OH)_3 (s) + OCl^- ---> FeO4^2- + Cl^-  <basic> Balance the redox reaction and identify what are the oxidizing and reducing agents  

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The redox reaction occurs in the basic medium. Therefore hydrogen and oxygen balancing has to be done by adding H2O or OH- in the appropriate side (i.e. either left hand side or right hand side). Here the oxidizing agent is OCl-, it oxidizes Fe(OH)3 to FeO4˄2- and the reducing agent is Fe(OH)3; it reduces OCl- to Cl-. The balancing can be done by oxidation number method by cross multiplying the individual half-reactions followed by hydrogen and oxygen balance in the manner described above. The balanced chemical equation is:

2Fe(OH)_3 (s) + 3OCl^- + 4OH˄- = 2FeO4^2- + 3Cl^- + 5H2O

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