White Collar Crime

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In the FBI financial crimes report for 2010, does the graph show an overall trend in white collar crime? Why?

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In the report that I have been able to find, there is no one graph showing a trend for white collar crime in general.  Instead, there are graphs showing the number of pending cases in the various areas of white collar crime that the FBI tracks.  These graphs do not show any one particular trend for overall white collar crime.

The first category of crime listed in the report is corporate fraud.  In this case, the trend is upward.  The number of pending cases has increased every year shown in the graph.  The same trend can be found in the graph of pending cases of securities and commodities fraud.  Here, we can see that the number of pending cases had gone up by about 50% since Fiscal Year 2008.  Health care fraud is the third category.  It, too, shows an increase in pending cases. 

By contrast, mortgage fraud pending cases do not show a constant rise.  Instead, they rose from FY 2007 to FY 2010, but dropped again in FY 2011.  This is a little bit hard to understand since the number of “suspicious activity reports” in this category essentially doubled between Fiscal Year 2007 and Fiscal Year 2011. 

Financial institutions fraud shows yet another trend.  This graph shows a constant downward trend in all of the fiscal years contained in the report.  The same trend is generally seen in the numbers for insurance fraud as well.  Finally, mass marketing fraud dropped in each of the first three years shown in the graph but rebounded in FY 2011.

Thus, there is no one single trend represented in these graphs.

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