Favorite Theme/Least Favorite ThemePre-K Teachers, What is your favorite theme to teach preschoolers? What is your least favorite theme to teach?

readingdiva | Student

My favorite theme for Pre-K is Winter.  I teach a unit of Jan Brett during my winter theme.  Several of her books fit in nicely with the winter theme.  The children learn about an author and illustrator.  We have written to her and used many resources from her website.  her website is:  http://www.janbrett.com/

I also like including many science projects in my Winter theme, including states of matter.  We make home-made ice cream and Popsicles.  The children have fun melting ice and painting in snow.  We also try to sink and float a variety of objects as well as ice.  There are so many projects that are engaging and allow for teachable moments.  I have taught the winter theme for the last five years and no two years are alike. 

The theme that I least like to do was nutrition.  I did not enjoy teaching the children about healthy habits, healthy eating and exercise.  However, I have slowly collected more resources and projects, so that I am better able to keep the children's interests.

pkandel | Student

My favorite theme for pre-schoolers is music.  As a teacher and developer of Pre-school Music programs, I have found the establishment of rhythm gives the children a start in hearing word patterns in speech and literature.  Learning to read notes is a great pre-reading experience as they understand we read from left to right.  I have CD's out with songs that teach Left and Right Hand skills and other movement songs that encourage the children to not only get touch with their bodies, but also understand how to control them with better coordination.  Better coodination transfers to being better at sports of all kinds.  Learning new songs develops memory skills.  Hearing the rhymes of songs and pitches going up and down develops better listening skills.  The benefis go on and on to making more successful human beings while having fun with music.

     My least favorite theme to teach preschoolers is naptime.  The world is so fascinating to these children whose energy is non-stop, that even though some need to re-charge their battery with a nap, I feel like it's punishment for the child who is not tired and would rather still be exploring new things.

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