faults of sociolgysociety is web of social relationship but sociologist study only on kinship not relationship, fect is kinship is different from relationship.

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As sociologist, you are in the bizarre position if trying to explain and understand something by experiencing it without directly being a part of it. There is a concept known as "going native" that basically means you relate to much to your subjects, and become one of them.
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Is there any way that you can re-state your second post?  I'm not sure I understand it.  Who or what is preventing you from doing the kind of research you wish to do?  Can you make that clearer?

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Sociologist study both kinship and relationships.  Yes, these are different things and sociology has many branches that study all sorts of different relationships and/or kinship between people.  There should be many reference materials available researching the basic points of all relationships.  All relationships do have a common thread.  Of course, they begin to differ widely once we pass the basic level.  All relationships deal with trust, communication, and other basic elements.

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I think you're wrong.  Sociologists study relationships of all kinds, not just kinship.  They study relations between friends, between coworkers, and between students and teachers.  They study any sort of relationship that exists in society.  So I don't think that your criticism is accurate.

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yes i know about that but in these kind of researches infrom that relation between that and this, i want to research only on ''relationship'', what comman facts works among all type of relationship.

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