Fate changes the life of mortals in an unexpected way. Discuss this statement with close reference to the story "Astrologer's Day."

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In An Astrologer's Day, fate unexpectedly changes two mortals lives, the customer who comes at the end of the day and the astrologer. The customer is a man who was nearly killed and badly mistreated; he has spent his life searching for the man who stabbed him and left him for dead in a well. The astrologer stabbed a man, leaving him in a well for dead; he fled his village and has had no peace ever since.

Fate threw these two together late one evening at the astrologer's stall. Fate caused the angry and aggressive customer to light a cigar. Fate had it that by the light of the match, the astrologer recognized the face of the customer without being recognized himself. The astrologer took advantage of fate's gifts and told the man the story of his life's quest for the man who had wronged him, telling that his assailant is now dead and that the customer needs to stay home from now on to avoid danger befalling him. As a result of fate, the customer unexpectedly finds the satisfactory end of his painful quest and can stay at home and cease his anger. As a further result of fate, the astrologer goes to sleep in perfect peace for the first time since he stabbed a man and left him for dead in a well since the man is alive.

star3 | Student
in the story"an astologer's day",the astrologer and Guru Nayak were the ones whose lives were turned by fate. there lives were the victims of fate. in case of the astrologer, fate relieved a load of being a murderer fom his mind.And in case of guru nayak fate made him lose to his challege of life
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