Are fast foods the same as junk food evaluate from a nutritional perspective.I need some ideas on how I can write a speech about this topic.

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Just as an extra tip, it might help to link your speech to a PowerPoint Presentation - wit images. This will make your speech more interesting and engage students. It will also make you look good for incorporating visual aids to your speech.

Another point of advice would be to make sure you make enough eye contact with everyone. Although this does take some confidence, practice goes along way and confidence helps any speech!

Perhaps also on your presentation or images, you could add smiley faces or sad ones on unhealthy food items. Sometimes, funny comical images help you to connect with your audience, and make the audience interested in your speech.

I'm sure there are plenty relevant but funny images you could include.

All the best with the speech!

mjay25 | Student

You may like to begin by saying something like, it is often assumed or a common misconception that fast food and junk foods are the same. Most junk foods if not all, are quick to prepare, and fast foods are commonly 'junk' foods - which contain little 'healthy' nutritional value.

What 'junk' foods often contain is a lot of 'junk' - when it comes to analysing the nutritional content. What we find in (give examples of junk foods, chips, etc) junk foods are often a load of junk material. That is trans fats, cholesterol, and too much refined salt. - None of these contribute to healthy nutrition, and have the opposite effect of harming the health - especially if taken in large amounts. For we all know the harms of unhealthy fats and cholesterol on the heart and health in general.

Fast foods however, do not have to contain 'junk'. While it is often a common occurrence that much fast food does contain 'junk' - unhealthy fats, too much salt etc There are some foods that can be prepared quickly, that are actually healthy and contain good amounts of nutritional value. Sandwiches - with lean meat and lots of salad for example contain ample amounts of vitamins, minerals and iron. All such nutrients contribute to a healthy body and help maintain healthy hemoglobin levels without having detrimental effects upon the health.

Other fast foods that can contain healthy nutritional value include falalfel and shawarma. 


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Thank you it has helpeed me a lot and thanks for the tips on my speech presentation.

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