In "Farenheit 451" what are some adjectives that describe Mildred and Clarisse.

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Clarisse is

Inquisitive: She asks questions about everything and wants to know WHY.

Playful: She rubs the dandelion on herself and Montag to see if they are in individually "in love', and she walks in the rain, holding her head back to taste it.

Experiential: (pg 21) When Montag asks her if she goes around trying everything once, she says "sometimes twice"

Perceptive and Sensory: (pg 7) She says," I like to smell things and look at things and sometimes stay up all night, walking, and watch the sun rise"

Introspective: She thinks about everything she sees and smells.  She says "Do you want to know what I do with my time.  I just sit and think." (pg 23)

Peculiar: (pg 23) as described by Montag since she does not fit the mold of society. Because she doesn't, she is sent to a psychiatrist.

Responsible: According to Clarisse (pg 30)"I do all the shopping and housecleaning by hand"

Social: This is Clarisse's description of herself (pg 29).  She says "Being with people is nice."  She finds it easy to talk with Montag, even though when he first meets her, she doesn't know him.

Mildred is the antithesis of Clarisse.  She is

Robotic: She does the same things every day in a trance.  She does not think on her own

Selfish: she has never wanted children, and she wants another wall of TV, even though they haven't paid for the third wall yet.

Indifferent and Unfeeling : She doesn't care if Montag is sick.  She insists he go to work.  If it upsets her TV viewing, she doesn't want anything to do with it.  When he vomits, she tells him that it is a good thing the rug is washable.  She doesn't care that the old woman died. "She's nothing to me."

Mesmerized: By the TV.

Fearful: She is so afraid that they will find the books, she tries to burn them herself, and she is terrified when the books are on the floor and the someone comes to the door.

Obedient: She does not want to go against any of the rules of the society.  She is willing to accept anything the society tells her to accept.





rosebelikov | Student

Clarisse: thoughtful, explorative, talkative

Milldred: Dull, ghostly, boaring, normal

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