In Farenheit 451 does Clarisse die? or what happened to her?I don't really get it ....i got confused half way through the story! -Thanks for answering!:)

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The first time we hear of what happened to Clarisse is when Mildred tells Montag "Whole family moved out somewhere. But she's gone for good.  I think she's dead." (pg 47) She goes on to tell him that Clarisse was run over by a car four days ago.  She wasn't sure,but she was pretty sure. 

Later, when Beatty is talking to Montag he says that Clarisse was a time bomb.  Her family had been feeding her subconscious and she kept asking questions.  That could lead to unhappiness.  So, "she is better off dead".(pg 60)  He says that luckily people like Clarisse do not appear often but that the government now knows how to "nip most of them in the bud.." (pg 60)

Clarisse has been "nipped in the bud" as they say and is dead.

The pages I have sited are in my edition of the book, but they should be somewhere close to that page.


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