Family Question:  How will family and race impact future generations?      

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megan-bright | (Level 1) Associate Educator

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It would be great if there were not even a concept of race for the future generations to be concerned with. As for family, that is certainly a basis of society that is forever changing. Same-sex couples, step families, extended families, interracial couples, and single parent households are rather common and will continue to be as time goes on.

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I too wish that race will have less of an impact in the future. I heard a study the other day on the radio that there are far more interracial marriages now than there were even a decade or so ago. This seems to me to mean that there will be more interracial marriages and race will eventually become less of an issue.
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I agree that family will always impact generations to come.  Hopefully, the influence of race will begin to dwindle and eventually disappear.  Culture will always be a part of who we are, but race doesn't necessarily dictate culture.  I read an article about how the human race will eventually be one race.  One day we will no longer be able to distinguish one race from another because we will all be a big mix of the various races that once were.  Personally, I like that idea.  I think it would be nice to be influenced by the culture and family only.  In reality, race will continue to influence future generations until we, as a people, find a way to do away with prejudice and racism.

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The decline of the traditional two-parent household has been a cause for many of the problems with youth today. The trend seems to be continuing, and many more children of the future may have to learn to deal with problems without the benefit of both a mother and father to guide them.

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I would not consider leadership and management to be the same thing. I would consider the people considered management to be more controlling of employees, projects, problems, and etc. A sort of “do what I say” mentality. With leadership, I see the people involved as providing good models for the employees and then letting the employees be more responsible for the goals and outcomes of the business.


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These are very different things, right?  Family affects all of us and will always do so.  Our families give us the basis for who we are by teaching us values and by giving us a foundation for our education.  Race is much less relevant, though this varies from country to country.

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Hopefully only family will have an impact on later generations. I wish that we could come to accept that our world is a Multicultural place. That all people deserved to be judged upon their own actions (and not stereotyped upon their race).

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