Falling man chapter 13 Hey,... I have to finde 2 Points/Themes to discuss about on chapter 13 but i can't find something to discuss about in that chapter. Hope any One can help me to come forward.

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Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 13 is told from Lianne's point of view, and there are two overriding ideas presented here. The most important one is her reflections and reactions to the September 11 incident long after the fact. She has been called to jury duty in the case of a Muslim accused of terrorist activities, and she is not angry enough to want to serve and take revenge, but she is not strong enough to serve. She also reads about the death of Falling Man, someone who dedicated himself to reminding others of that fateful day yet dies a very ignoble and inglorious death. Both incidents are pictures of the ambivalence--the good and the bad which have come from that day. A secondary point of discussion has to do with her husband. Here, too, she has mixed emotions. While she admits to herself that she and Keith are nothing alike in how they deal with the tragedy, she also sleeps on his side of the bed when he is gone. Ambivalence again. 

tanmengna14 | Student

what do you mean with "not agry enough" to serve ? how does "serve" can be translated in this context?

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