Falling man Can any One help me? I have an english Test about falling man especially about the View of terrorism. We just Read the First 3 Parts and on marienstrasse... And i don't Know what could Write

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Well, the view most New Yorkers have regarding terrorism is pretty clear in those opening chapters. They are chapters filled with horror and loss and disbelief, and people there are working their way quickly to anger along with the rest of the country. What's more interesting is the "On Marienstrasse" chapter. Here we get our first glimpse of life from the terrorist's perspective. I don't want to give too much away, but Hammad in this chapter is ultimately and intimately involved with the terrorist attacks on the Towers. Notice he is not consumed with the same passions as most of the others, that he is not really what we might term a "fanatic." By giving us this character, the author is clearly trying to humanize this terrorist; however, because Hammad is not as impassioned, he makes the rest of the zealous men look even more fanatic. Give some thought to these things, and you will see some possibilities for writing, I'm sure.

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