Fall of the house of usher question!Why won't Usher leave his house? Please help!

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As mentioned above, there does indeed seem to be a loadstone that draws Roderick to the edges of insanity, something pulling him, unnerving him in the house.  That he and his sister are unnaturally connected is suggested in Poe's story; she has the physical infirmity while he has the mental.  Roderick and Madeline are not complete without the other; he cannot leave with his sister there.

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We are told that it is part of his nervous condition, that forces him to seek solitude and rest. However, behind this, I think we can infer that there is some kind of compulsion that keeps him there. He clearly does not like the house and considers being the heir of the house of Usher a curse. It is suggested that he, Madeline and the house all are tied together somehow. Note how the house is destroyed when the two heirs die.

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