Fahrenheit 451 - With Regard To Clarisse , How Does Mildred Tipify The Broken Relationship between her and montag?

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jenniferhays eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Clarisse is used as an example (to typify) to Montag to show just how fractured his marriage is to Mildred, who has been brainwashed by her society.  Clarisse causes Montage to questions his existence and to challenge his world.  She asks questions such as, “Are you happy?”  Mildred is simply a mirror of her society which is devoid of any independent knowledge and outside thought.  Mildred is also deeply unhappy, evidenced by her suicide attempts.  It is a loveless marriage, highlighted when Mildred ultimately betrays Montage.  Clarisse causes him to question not only his world, but his marriage. 

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