In Fahrenheit 451, who said, "No one has time any more for anyone else?"In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, who said, "No one has time any more for anyone else?"

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Clarisse McClellan is a 17 year old girl who hearkens back to an age where people mattered to each other. She was raised to be responsible and to think about things. In her discussions with Montag, she arouses in him a desire to understand more about his world and what it had become.

Clarisse is extremely observant. She knows the taste of rain and the feel of dandelions. She watches her peers caught up in a life of speed and recreation without meaning. Clarisse looks for the meanings of things, and it makes her an important character for Montag's journey.

Clarisse's observations include recognizing in Montag something unique. He paid attention to her words, whereas others would either leave or threaten her. It is in this discussion where she says, "No one has time any more for anyone else."

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