In Fahrenheit 451, who does Beatty think fooled and ruined Montag?

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Part Three, "Burning Bright," Beatty thinks that Clarisse has fooled and ruined Montag.

Having returned to the fire station, Montag turns over a book to Beatty, who tosses it away, but he recites quotations, using those from the books that Montag likes in order to rebuke him. All this makes Montag feel confused and frightened. In a short time, a call comes in and the men jump into the "gaseous dragon." their fire engine, and rush down the streets, then round a corner with the scream of the siren and the tires, until they pull up before Montag's house. With disbelief, Montag stares at the house before him. Beatty looks at him and says,

"Oh, no! You weren't fooled by that little idiot's routine, now were you?  Flowers, butterflies, leaves, sunsets, oh, hell! It's all in her file....I've hit the bull's-eye. Look at the sick look on you face.

Not knowing about Faber, Beatty is amazed that Clarisse has affected Montag to the extent to which he has.