In fahrenheit 451, when Montag is escaping to Faber's house after he has murdered Beatty. Where is Faber going and why?

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you will remember, the original plan Faber and Montag developed was to print up copies of books and plant them in the homes of the firemen.  Each of the firemen's homes would then be burned to the ground and the firehouses would be "destroyed as hotbeds of treason".  On page 89 Faber says that he could find an unemployed printer who could start a few books.  They would then wait for the war to start and in its aftermath, in the chaos, the "families' in the walls would be silenced and the message about books MIGHT be heard.

After Montag kills Beatty, he is headed out of town.  He gives Faber some money. War has been declared, so Faber sees it as a time to move.  Faber tells him that he is leaving on the 5 AM bus headed to St. Louis.  He hopes to find a retired printer there.  He still plans to continue their venture.  He plans to come out more into the open.

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