In Fahrenheit 451, what was Montag willing to do to convince Faber to help him carry out the plan?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Part Two, Montag visits Faber's home hoping that the ex-professor can teach him how to comprehend the texts he is reading. After Montag explains why he is at Faber's home and has a discussion with him about the value of literature, he suggests that Faber help him print extra copies of books. Faber then elaborates on a possible scenario, where the dissidents would hide books in firemen's homes and call in alarms. Faber then explains to Montag that the idea is purely fantasy and says that he is not willing to risk his life challenging the government. Montag then picks up the Bible he brought with him and begins tearing out pages to convince Faber to help him. Knowing that Faber will react to him destroying such a rare book, he is able to get Faber's attention and convince him to help. Faber reluctantly agrees to help Montag by giving him a two-way communication device known as the green bullet. 

thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Montag’s plan was to print copies of books which, with the help of Faber’s connections, would plant them in firemen’s houses after which they would sound the alarm as signal for the houses to be burnt. According to Faber, this would be the most effective way to destroy the structure of the fireman unit because it would raise distrust amongst the professionals charged with the responsibility to destroy books. However, due to his self-confessed fear, Faber did not want to take part in such a plan as it would lead to his demise. Moreover, he thought Montag’s plan was not as easy to implement as it sounded and wanted nothing to do with it. Montag therefore arm twisted Faber into cooperation by tearing off a few pages from the bible and threatening to destroy the entire book, something that Faber would not allow knowing how precious it was as one of the last copies to exist.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the book, Montag wants to undermine society.  His only idea is to plan books in the homes of firefighters to make them look bad.  He goes to Faber for help but Faber does not want to help him.

What Montag does is not really something that convinces Faber.  It is more like Montag blackmails him.  What Montag does is to start tearing up a Bible.  As far as Faber knew, there were none around and he really wanted to read it.  So when Montag starts tearing it up, Faber tells him to stop -- that if he stops, Faber will help him.

gravesjulian23 | Student

He would destroy the book page by page until Faber cooperated