In Fahrenheit 451, what are some important quotes of Mildred's?

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1. At the beginning of the novel, Mildred overdoses on sleeping pills, and emergency technicians revive her in the middle of the night. Mildred has her stomach pumped, and she receives a blood transfusion. The next morning, Mildred feels extremely hungry and cannot recall anything from the previous night. When Montag tells her that she overdosed on sleeping pills, Mildred responds by saying,

I wouldn't do a thing like that. Why would I do a thing like that? (Bradbury, 8).

Mildred's response reveals her lack of perspective and self-awareness. Similar to the person Montag was before he met Clarisse, Mildred has no idea that she hates her life. She is obsessed with consuming entertainment, and she has no idea that she tried to commit suicide.

2. Mildred then begins to talk about her parlor wall interactive television shows that she is addicted to watching. She reveals her lack of sympathy for her family's financial security and shows that she only cares about her television shows by telling...

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