In Fahrenheit 451 what are some characteristics of Granger?

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Granger is presented as a sympathetic character, an outcast in this bibilophobic dystopia. A renegade intellectual, he acts as a kind of father figure to Montag, giving him the benefit of his wisdom in making him understand the importance of preserving and handing on the great written works of the past. But Granger isn't just a thinker, he's a doer. He once wrote an important book on the relationship between the individual and society and is determined to put his ideas into effect, irrespective of all the hardships and dangers that will entail. Granger is such an inspiring figure to Montag because he has the strength and the courage to challenge the regime and lead his people out of the dark valley of ignorance into the sunlit uplands of a literate society where books are valued once more.
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