In Fahrenheit 451, what quotes are there that show Montag killing Beatty?

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Montag kills Beatty at the beginning of part three of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. All through the book Beatty, Montag's fire chief, has been taunting Montag and propagandizing the book-burning philosophy that Montag despises. At the end of part two, they answer a fire alarm that takes them to Montag's house. In part three, Beatty gives Montag a flamethrower and orders him to destroy his own house and all the books that are hidden in it. Montag complies, but still doesn't hurt Beatty. However, when his friend Faber urges him to escape via a communications device in Montag's ear, Beatty finds the device and threatens to trace Faber's location and arrest him. That's when Montag turns the flamethrower towards Beatty, who taunts him and dares him to open fire, and Montag does. The quote says:

And then he was a shrieking blaze, a jumping, sprawling gibbering mannikin, no longer human or known, all writhing flame on the lawn as Montag shot one continuous pulse of liquid fire on him. There was a hiss like a great mouthful of spittle banging a red-hot stove, a bubbling and frothing as if salt had been poured over a monstrous black snail to cause a terrible liquefaction and a boiling over of yellow foam. Montag shut his eyes, shouted, shouted, and fought to get his hands at his ears to clamp and to cut away the sound. Beatty flopped over and over and over, and at last twisted in on himself like a charred wax doll and lay silent.

As Montag escapes from the scene, he realizes that Beatty had wanted to die, and that's why he kept needling Montag and made no move to get out of the way when Montag aimed the flamethrower at him. Montag had never really wanted to kill Beatty or anyone else and is very sorry for what he has done.

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At the end of Part 2, Montag pulls up in the Salamander with Beatty in front of his own house. This is the "special trip" that Beatty has been referring to. Beatty continues to taunt him as Montag realizes what a great trap has been laid...

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