In Fahrenheit 451, what pages are these words found on? Part 1: Abruptly, intact Part 2: certitude, darkling, dispersing, linguists, moor, televisors  Part 3: scuttling 

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The exact page numbers are going to depend on which version of the text you have.  I'll get you in the right area.  

Abruptly -- pg 4.  The word is describing how Montag laughed after saying "I didn't know that!"

Intact -- pg 3, near the top of the page.  Montag is describing Clarisse's eyes.  They have the ability to hold him "intact."  

Certitude -- pg 48.  It's part of the poem that Montag reads to the three women.  

Darkling -- pg 48.  It's in the next line of the same poem.  

Dispersing -- pg 48, near the bottom of the page. Mildred is taking and moving Montag's books.  She is "dispersing" them. 

Linguists -- pg 41. Montag and Faber are talking to each other about burning firehouses.  Montag wants to know if there are others like Faber.  "Aren't there professors like yourself, former writers, historians, linguists . . .?"

Moor -- pg 51, middle of the page.  It's right in the middle of one of Beatty's rants at Montag.  Beatty is saying that books only confuse people more.  People get "lost in the middle of the moor."

Televisors -- pg 39. Faber is telling Montag that Montag isn't searching for books, but searching for what was once in books.  It can be found in any number of places . . . like televisors.

Scuttling -- pg 59. Montag is running from the beetle.  It is "scuttling" after him.  

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I forgot one word

Part 2: enameled