In "Fahrenheit 451," what is Granger trying to tell Montag at the end of the novel?

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Towards the end of the novel, Montag escapes from the city and joins a group of traveling intellectuals. Granger is the leader of the group, who befriends and introduces Montag to the other members. Granger goes on to explain to Montag that the group of traveling intellectuals memorize important pieces of literature in order to preserve past knowledge. Granger hopes that one day they will be able to share their preserved knowledge with the rest of humanity following the impending atomic war. As the traveling intellectuals leave the campsite, Montag tells Granger that he is not sad that his wife will die once the bombs are dropped. Granger then begins to tell Montag about his grandfather, who was a sculptor. Granger explains to Montag how his grandfather shaped and changed the world around him. Granger says to Montag:

"Everyone must leave something behind...

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