In, "Fahrenheit 451," what does Montage's home look like?

Expert Answers
price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We don’t get a lot of description about Montag’s house, but what we do get shows that it is a modern house with futuristic advances.  One of the first descriptions we see is when Montag has to put his hand into a hole in the wall outside the door to identify him.  We have things like fingerprint recognition today, but for Bradbury, this was an insightful description on what he felt the future would be like.  There is also a description of the living room in Montag’s house.  The walls have huge television sets that cover them.  Montag’s wife, Mildred, watches a soap opera all day and acts out roles as if she is an actor in the scenes.  The other description of Montag’s house is that of the bedroom.   It has curtains that cover the two French doors opening into the room.  The room is dark, and Montag describes it as a “mausoleum”.   It is cold and non-descript, but a place that seems to be without love. 

The lack of description of the house seems to suggest that it is not a place where people live, like a home, but just a place where people exist.  There is no real relationship between Mildred and Montag, and the house reflects the coldness and distance that has come between them.