In "Fahrenheit 451" what do you think about  the three things that Faber mention in comparison with today?Quality 1: The quality of the information that used to be printed in books? Quality 2:...

In "Fahrenheit 451" what do you think about  the three things that Faber mention in comparison with today?

Quality 1: The quality of the information that used to be printed in books?

Quality 2: Leisure to digest this infromation?

Quality 3: The right to do things based on the understanding one has reached, given the leisure to digest the information in books

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm not exactly sure what the question is asking, but I'll give it a go.  I'm assuming the question is asking do you think that these three qualities of books are missing or lacking in our society or not?

1.  Books do have quite a bit of quality, and of pores.  And, research has shown that reading books actually makes you smarter; it increases your vocabulary, your capability to think and reason, and your problem-solving skills.  I'm not sure if movies have that same benefit.  Because of the depth of information that is contained in books, we can truly explore many different realms of thought.  Today, there are still books that do that; however, there are many that do not.  The real question is do students read as often as they used to?  I have seen a decline in students who actually sit down and read; as a result, their patience levels are almost gone.  They want answers now, they don't want to work hard for things, or think things through on their own.  They want the answers to the questions without having to think them through.  So, there is a definite lack that not reading has caused in our society.

2.  Again, we live in an instant-gratification society.  If we have to think something through longer than a couple seconds, we lose patience with it and move on.  Books allow one to digest information and form your own conclusions.  A lot of students that I have are listening to music on the IPods, WHILE texting, WHILE trying to do their assignment, and also WHILE talking to the person next to them.  How can they possibly be doing any one of these things well?  When you sit down and read a book, all by itself, things sink in much more.  Movies make so much money every week, and people come out of them spouting whatever agenda or perspective that movie showed on an issue, because the movie didn't allow them to think about the issue on their own.

3.  It isn't until one starts processing ideas, and delving into life's real issues, that one feels motivated to act on much of anything.  Books allow one to develop their own testimony of the truthfulness of principles, and that typically incites action.  In our society, we are more apathetic than activists.  We don't really care.  Movies teach us things, and we can get easy facts from the internet, but without the in-depth pondering and studying that comes from books, there is no emotional or personal attachment to what one learns.  The less we read, the less we care.

I hope that those thoughts help, and that I interpreted the question accurately.  Good luck.

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