In Fahrenheit 451 there basically wasn't any free speech. But I really want to know why protecting our civil right of free speech is imperative. Please help me! :)

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First imagine what the motivation would be for a government to limit these things?  They may claim it's national security, but in the extreme, such as the limits imposed in Bradbury's fictional society, it is almost always as a method of government control of society.  Free speech means tolerating dissent, and dissent can cause both violent and non-violent revolutions, or simple widespread acts of rebellion.  Look at what's happened recently in the Middle East, and the role cell phones and Facebook have played in this.

Protecting the right to free speech is what allows the people to speak freely (and be heard) by others and by their government. (This has already been posted). There is also the more general epistemological reason. And that is, if there is no free speech, or if speech is limited to an owning class, aristocracy, the state, or any other elitist group, then the basic communication of ideas is also limited. The right to free speech provides the imperative opportunity of...

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