Can you recall a fad that has come and gone during your lifetime, such as Beanie Babies?  Did you take part in the fad?  Why or why not? How long did it last?  Why do you think it faded?

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When Crocs, the plastic slip-on shoes, hit the market in the early 2000s, they were really popular and developed into a fad, particularly among kids. By 2006 or 2007, they were seen everywhere. Even people who worked in the medical field began to wear them. However, by the time of the recession in 2008, their sales dropped precipitously, and one could argue the fad was over (though Crocs are still on the market and have expanded their styles, they are not really the fad they once were). Perhaps you took part in this fad because Crocs were seen as comfortable and waterproof shoes for kids and adults, and they came in appealing colors. The fad lasted about two years. It faded in part because several people decided the shoes were ugly; these people were in the position of being tastemakers (see the blog In addition, media also made fun of the shoes as ugly, and media reported that the shoes were unsafe (see 

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