Can you think of a fad that has come and gone during your lifetime? Did you take part in the fad? Why or why not? How long did it last? Why do you think it faded?

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One fad of the late 1970s was the mood ring. These rings were supposed to change color as a person’s mood changed. For example, if a person was stressed or nervous, the ring would turn orange. A person who was cautious or cool would have a color of yellow. Blue represented a person who was optimistic.

There were reasons why people didn’t take part in this fad. These people didn’t believe in the idea of a ring indicating what their mood really was. Some of these people also didn’t believe in doing something just because other people were doing it.

Some people took part in this fad. They liked being part of something that was considered to be the “in” thing. They also liked being part of something neat and new.

The mood ring fad lasted for a few years in the late 1970s. It faded because the novelty of it eventually wore off.

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